Sublimation Guide

Our helpful guide to pressing sublimation transfers. Please remember this is only a guide and some heat presses might need different heat settings, etc. 

We recommend a commercial heat press in order to correctly press this sublimation on a shirt or other product. You can NOT use a clothing iron or heat gun. Cricut Easy Presses and similar easy presses are NOT recommended - use at your own risk. While it is possible, it's not easy to use that type of press with sublimation because you need heavy pressure and high heat.

Please research how to use sublimation transfers beforehand as we are NOT responsible for pressing errors.

We print all transfers using high quality sublimation paper and ink on a professional sublimation printer.

When you receive the transfer, the colors may appear dull. The ink is not activated until heat is applied by heat pressing.

These transfers cannot print white ink so any white areas of the design will be the color of your tee/item where you are placing the transfer.

Each transfer has a one time only use.

Sublimation ink will NOT work on 100% cotton or dark colors, the fabric of your item MUST be at least a 50% poly mix or 100% polyester. Heather colors will give the best results. And the closer to 100% polyester, the brighter the colors will be.

Recommended press time is 400 degrees for 45 - 60 seconds. It is recommended to use bucher paper or teflon sheets in between the back of the transfer and your heat press to prevent ink getting on your heat press. We also recommend bucher paper or teflon sheets in the inside of your shirt on light colors such as Sand or White to prevent the ink pressing through to the back side of the fabric.

Actual colors of the transfer may differ from the colors shown due to monitors, screen resolution, etc. Each transfer will be printed as close to the size stated as we can get but sizes will differ based on each design.

The transfer you will receive will have the image mirrored so it presses correctly. The designs are shown as they will appear when pressed on the cover/sample photos.

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